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Current version is 2.4.

On-line documentation is available in English and in Japanese (japanese.gif (341 octets)).

Upcoming features may be part of PhoneLookup Hack's todo-list

The datebook application allows you to look up for a record in the address book (menu Options/Phone Lookup), and to automatically insert the associated data.

For instance, let's select Mr. Neuman's details using the standard Phone Lookup :

Datebook view Lookup view Result

What is inserted isn't configurable : you get the first name, the last name, the phone number and nothing else...

Now look at Mr. Neuman's record in the adress book :

Address view

As you can see, there is a lot of valuable data that could be used by Phone Lookup.

PhoneLookup Hack allows you to define which fields Phone Lookup will return. You can even customize how they will be returned, with line feeds or additional text.

For instance, you may want Phone Lookup to insert the company name, work phone and full address, on multiple lines for legibility (left screenshot), and here's what you get when you do the same lookup as above (right screenshot) :                 



Doesn't it look better ? Isn't it more convenient ?

Requirements :

PDA Tucows

PhoneLookup Hack got 5 cows (best rate) on Tucows PDA

LATEST RELEASE ! PhoneLookup Hack 2.4 (23-Dec-01)

This is a compatibility update.

What's new in 2.4 ?

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PhoneLookup Hack 2.3 (08-May-01)

This is a compatibility update.

What's new in 2.3 ?

PhoneLookup Hack 2.2 (26-Jul-00)

This is a compatibility update.

What's new in 2.2 ?

PhoneLookup Hack 2.1 (15-Apr-00)

This version makes PhoneLookup Hack compatible with PalmOS 3.5 (Palm IIIxe, Palm IIIc) and slightly enhances the user interface.

What's new in 2.1 ? 1

PhoneLookup Hack 2.0 (13-Nov-99)

This version extends compatibility from PalmOS 2.0 to PalmOS 3.3 inclusive and introduces a new user interface for customization.

What's new in 2.0 ?

PhoneLookup Hack 1.1 (29-Nov-98)

This version includes a work-around to bugs in the Address Book.

What's new in 1.1 ?


PhoneLookup Hack 1.0 (13-Nov-98)

This is the first public release of PhoneLookup Hack.

What's new in 1.0 ?


PhoneLookup Hack's todo-list status (still growing...!) :

Find some means of calling PhoneLookup Hack from any app.
Switch between formats depending on calling application.
Multiple formats support.
Japanese-specific options.
Add new markers to get better control on returned values.
Enhance user interface.
Provide PalmOS 4.1 compatibility.
Provide PalmOS 4.0 compatibility.
Provide PalmOS 3.5 compatibility.
Provide X-Master compatibility.
Add a scrollbar in customization view.
Add a Graffiti state indicator in customization view.
Fix problem caused by bugs in Palm's Address Book.
Write the User's Guide.