the 1st planner that fully integrates to Palm's standard Datebook,
Handspring's Datebook+ and Pimlico's Datebk series!

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Current version is 1.27.

On-line documentation is available in English and (special thanks to Muchy!) in Japanese (japanese.gif (341 octets))

Upcoming features may be part of DatePlan's todo-list

DatePlan adds a neat feature to Palm's Datebook, Handpring's Datebook+ (on Visor) and to Pimlico's Datebk series : it allows you to graphically tag each day depending on your plans. Moreover, DatePlan is fully integrated to Datebook. With a single tap, you can switch from the one to the other, and directly reach day, week or month views in a coherent and seamless manner.

Month view

Current day

Current day highlight.

Week number

Week number.

Events summary

Datebook events summary (here, there are appointments for noon and afternoon).
Date selection Access to date selector (Goto date...).
Goto week Access to week selector (Goto week...).
Navigation Navigation (previous month, current date, next month).
Tags Up to 3 different tags for each day.

Features :

Works with all Palm-Powered devices, even the oldest ones, including the Pilot 1000.
Fully compatible with all versions of PalmOS, from 1.0 to 4.1.
Supports COLOR on adequate devices.
Compatible with Pimlico's Datebk series (version 3.0+).
Compatible with Hanspring's Datebook+.
Compatible with Sony's adaptation of the standard Datebook for the Clié: (S300, S320, S500C, T400, T415, N600, T600C, N610C, N700C, N710C, N750C, N760C, N770C).
Compatible with HandEra's adaptation of the standard Datebook for the HandEra 330 (PalmOS 3.5.2 and 3.5.3 versions).
Compatible with standard Datebook.
Compatible with HackMaster and X-Master.
Supports US-styled weeks (Su..Sa) as well as European-styled weeks (Mo..Su).
3 different tags for each day (morning/noon/afternoon, or morning/afternoon/evening, or... it's up to you !).
Automatic and configurable summarization of scheduled Datebook events.
Automatic tagging of week-ends and of user-defined holidays.
24 different patterns or icons for tagging.
Displays week numbers (either civil or fiscal), and you can go directly to a week given its number.
Supports "hide secret events" preference.
Only 22 KB (excluding HackMaster or X-Master, which you probably have already)
EXCLUSIVE : DatePlan is the 1st planner fully integrated with Datebook !

Example : Looking at August '98 month, you want to get details on the 24th. You simply tap on the date, and you access automatically to the corresponding day in Datebook. To get back to DatePlan is as simple, since you just have to tap on the month view button in Datebook.

August 98

Tap on 24th

August 24th, 98

Select month view

August 98

Requirements :

LATEST RELEASE ! DatePlan 1.27 (26-Dec-01)

1.27 provide compatibility with additional PalmOS devices.

What's new in 1.27 ?

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DatePlan 1.26 (09-Nov-01)

1.26 is a bugfix release.

What's new in 1.26 ?

DatePlan 1.25 (29-Oct-01)

1.25 provides compatibility with additional PalmOS licensees devices.

What's new in 1.25 ?

DatePlan 1.24 (07-Oct-01)

1.24 provides more colors, and compatibility with additional PalmOS licensees devices.

What's new in 1.24 ?

DatePlan 1.23 (08-May-01)

1.23 includes a bug fix and compatibiliy with X-Master.

What's new in 1.23 ?

DatePlan 1.22 (30-Mar-01)

1.22 delivers is a compatibility release.

What's new in 1.22 ?

DatePlan 1.21 (17-Mar-01)

1.21 delivers full compatibility with PalmOS 4.0 DR5.

What's new in 1.21 ?

DatePlan 1.20a (17-Mar-00)

1.20a is a corrective release.

What's new in 1.20a ?

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DatePlan 1.20 (13-Mar-00)

1.20 delivers full compatibility with PalmOS 3.5.

What's new in 1.20 ?

DatePlan 1.19 (13-Nov-99)

1.19 fixes light compatibility problems with PalmOS 3.3.

What's new in 1.19 ?

DatePlan 1.18a (22-Nov-98)

1.18a is mainly a corrective release.

What's new in 1.18a ?

DatePlan 1.18 (11-Nov-98)

DatePlan 1.18 now relies on a unified hack and provides a better integration to Datebk3 (version 3.0+).

What's new in 1.18 ?

DatePlan 1.17a (12-Sep-98)

1.17a is a corrective release.

What's new in 1.17a ?


DatePlan 1.17 (8-Sep-98)

DatePlan 1.17 adds 4 new tags, extends Datebk3 integration and now supports PalmOS 1 French Edition.

What's new in 1.17 ?


DatePlan 1.16 (17-Aug-98)

With 1.16, DatePlan gets compatible with Datebk3.

What's new in 1.16 ?


DatePlan 1.15a (6-Jul-98)

1.15a is a corrective release.

What's new in 1.15a ?


DatePlan 1.15 (24-May-98)

1.15 introduces holidays auto-tagging.

What's new in 1.15 ?

DatePlan 1.14 (16-May-98, re-published 17-May-98)

1.14 adds two new features.

What's new in 1.14 ?


DatePlan 1.13 (4-May-98)

With 1.13, DatePlan gets PalmOS 1 compatible and will now run on any Pilot, PalmPilot or Palm III.

What's new in 1.13 ?


DatePlan 1.12 (22-Apr-98)

With 1.12, DatePlan gets Palm III compatible.

What's new in 1.12 ?


DatePlan 1.11 (13-Apr-98)

With 1.11, DatePlan's integration do Datebook goes one step beyond.

What's new in 1.11 ?


DatePlan 1.10a (2-Apr-98)

1.10a is a corrective release of 1.10.

What's new in 1.10a ?


DatePlan 1.10 (29-Mar-98)

1.10 is the first non-beta release of DatePlan. All features are now fully implemented, especially event summarization and HotSync support. I also added the long-awaited support for US-styled weeks, and some goodies such as auto-tagging of weekends and fiscal weeks display.

What's new in 1.10 ?


DatePlan 1.09 beta (8-Mar-98)

This is a corrective release. I have been working hard to release this version, but most of this work isn't visible : a lot of code cleaning, some bug hunting, and no more conflict with Holiday Planner (which led to a fatal error). However, there is a nice new feature that allows direct access to week view.

What's new in 1.09 beta ?


DatePlan 1.08 beta (28-Feb-98)

This is an evolutive release. This version integrates most of the easy-to-implement enhancements suggested by early users of DatePlan.

What's new in 1.08 beta ?


DatePlan 1.07 beta (22-Feb-98)

This version is the "prototype" : it allowed me to validate the idea of full integration with Datebook and to verify the usability of DatePlan.


DatePlan's todo-list status (still growing...!) :

Update the documentation with color screenshots.
Allow full customization of "week-ends" (any days of the week vs. Sat + Sun only).
Write a FAQ.
Link DatePlan's and Datebk3's icons together.
Display (and allow editing) icons in Datebook's daily view.
Relative offset calculator (go to monday in three weeks).
Option not to show repeating events.
Use Palm's day marking (S, M, T, W, etc. instead of Su, Mo, Tu, We) ?
Temporary time display.
User-definable tags.
User-definable text caption for each tool.
User-definable prefixes for automatic tagging (from untimed events).
Year view.
Text summary of a given day's event.
Allow link with desktop programs (documented data-file format).
Faster startup.
Repeated tags "at once".
Purge of previous months tagging.
Sliding display (last week, current week, 2 next weeks) option.
PalmOS 3.5 Datebook compatibility.
Handspring's Visor Datebook+ compatibility.
Pimlico's Datebk series compatibility.
Option not to show untimed events.
Automatic holiday tagging (from untimed events).
Direct access to a given week (by number).
Handle secret events.
OS 1.x support (Pilot).
OS 3.x compatibility (Palm III and further).
Allow Day/Week/Month cycling through button access.
Add a Day/Week/Month selector.
Larger tag selector.
Configurable Datebook scheduled events summaries (time slots 1/2/3).
Fully implement decoding of repeated events (currently lacks weekly and monthly events).
Support Hotsync.
Support of US week format (Su..Sa vs. Mo..Su).
Allow fiscal week numbering.
Allow single-tap tag addition/removal.
Read-only mode.
No more conflict with Holiday Planner (caused fatal errors -- see below).
Direct access to week view in Datebook.
Display of week numbers.
Larger font for dates.
Figurative tags.
Add snapshots on this page !  :-)
Larger set of graphic tags.

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